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The last quarter of 2013 was certainly a busy one. Winter events require a different feel and different skills. We were especially busy as outdoor event management specialists, providing health and safety advice, liaison services and hands on management.

Outdoor winter events are filled with warmth, atmosphere and wonder, with event organisers striving for an event that will become an annual or bi-annual staple. This year we’ve been lucky to work on some truly amazing events full to bursting with light, warmth and indeed fire.

Fireworks displays took places at Jesmond Rugby Club and Gosforth Rotary Club together with a new Blyth Fireworks display exercising our crowd management skills – all on the same weekend!

Lumiere filled Durham with throngs of people taking in the fabulous art installations. An elephant on a bridge, a fish tank telephone box, processions, floating dresses and projections of the amazing Lindisfarne Gospels, all showing how light, movement and sound could transform this ancient city.

Enchanted Park web 11 2013The Enchanted Park in Saltwell was certainly popular, with many of the tickets sold out well before the event took place. This year the park enchanted visitors by sending them out on a quest, challenging them to keep the park secrets. Not to let the cat out of the bag but fairies, fire, birds, mad scientists and sculptures all told an amazing story, so much so visitors were heard to ask if they could go round again.

So what makes a magical outdoor event?

  • Using the natural setting to the best advantage
  • Thinking of all the senses to add to the atmosphere
  • Being creative about routing visitors around the event
  • Developing surprising elements that feel a bit out of the ordinary – are they really allowed to use fire?

We’re now well into planning and delivering 2014 events and enjoying every minute of it, well aware that winter will be around again in a blink of an eye.

If you need any support with your event please contact DGB Events.


Images by Richard Kenworthy. Enchanted Parks developed and commissioned by NewcastleGateshead Initiative and Gateshead Council and produced by Pinwheel.

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